Executive Management

Photo of William Spiegel

William Spiegel

Accredited CEO including Accredited America

Accredited US Team

Photo of Grace Meek

Grace Meek

President, Accredited America

Photo of Dawn H. Puro

Dawn H. Puro

EVP Chief Underwriting Officer – Casualty

Accredited European Team

Photo of Colin   Johnson

Colin Johnson

Chief Executive Officer Accredited, Europe

Photo of Magnus Heimann

Magnus Heimann

Chief Underwriting Officer

Photo of Will Grundy

Will Grundy

Senior Account Manager

Accredited Global Operations

Photo of Lee Curtis

Lee Curtis

Global Chief Operating Officer, Program Business

Photo of Robin Dobbs

Robin Dobbs

VP Of Operations US and Global Head of Project Management

Photo of James Riddiford

James Riddiford

Global Head of Claims